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Thursday, January 29, 2009

4 weeks down - 12 to go!

So, today was our 8th session with Odis and I am starting to see some changes in my appearance. Although I have only lost 3 lbs since starting with him, I am pretty confident that I have lost inches. It is nice to put on jeans that are too baggy and remember how tight they used to be.

Tuesday will be the tell-all though, because he is re-measuring us. I am a little anxious and nervous! Today was a tough session. Odis uses circuit training on me, Mom, and Rachel. Circuit training pretty much means that you do many different exercises with little or no rest in between. He had us doing so many different stations, but I really liked it! I felt like I was in softball off-season in high-school. He actually had us pulling a sled while he sat on it!!! Yes, we did it!!

I think all 3 of us walked out of Legends today with our head held a little higher today! We accomplished some great things today and I can't wait to keep getting stronger and leaner!

I will say though, my lower back is killing me!!! No pain, no gain, right?

We are signing up with Odis for another 12 weeks and I will keep you all updated with our progress!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to You...and You!

Happy Birthday to Chip & Heidi!!!

An interesting tid bit...

Chip and his love have the same birthday...
as though they were meant for each other!!!

Hope you both have a wonderful day and get lots of presents!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jenna, Tracy McGrady & Supercross...

So, last night was my very first experience of going to a Supercross, as well as Jenna's. Jacob and James were wanting to go, so she and I took one for the team and joined them. I have to say that I actually had a really good time. I never thought I would enjoy going to one, but I want to experience new things this year and I was pleasantly surprised.

My little Miss Priss is so into High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, horses and such that she knows nothing about sports or guy things. As we were sitting there watching the first heat of racers, Jenna innocently and seriously looked at me at asked me, "Mom, which one of them is Tracy McGrady?" I busted out laughing and said, "Jen...Tracy McGrady plays basketball!!!" She politely said "Oh" and continued watching the race. Bless her little heart! Atleast she was trying to show an interest in something that her brother loves so much!!!

Jacob never took his eyes off the race. He loves dirt bikes and believes that he is getting one in April for his birthday and is going to start racing! Well, we'll see! He has wanted one since he was 5, I guess we've stalled long enough. I hear overtime in my future!!! I was telling James just this morning that when I look at Jacob I see soooo much potential and amazement. God has blessed him with so many talents that it excites me to think about what he is going to become when he grows up, should the Lord tarry. He is a great musician for his age, he rocks at sports and he is very smart. I look at him and know that his future is limitless provided that he keeps Jesus #1 in his heart and life!

Jacob is officially a "Legend's Dragon". He made their select baseball team this season and we are excited to see what that has in store for him!

Jenna continues to take horseback riding lessons every Thursday and she is progressing very nicely. She "upgraded" to the next horse named Rocky and boy was he a big change. She went from riding an old horse that never wanted to trot, to a new horse that gets excited to trot. She was bouncing all of that saddle. Her goal is to enter barrel racing and poles competitions, so I will definitely keep everyone updated.


In other news, I (with Mom and Rachel) am training with a trainer at Legends. I am really enjoying it, although at times I want to kick him in the chins! He pushes me to do things that I haven't done since high-school softball! I'm talking Crab walk and push-ups amongst many others! I was recently introduced to spin bikes and ellipticals, and I do not care if the machines like me or not, because frankly, I HATE them!!! It is really fun training with my girls, there are times me and mom laugh so hard we can't work out, but Odis still makes us! Rachel has the least amount of weight to lose and I secretly am hoping it takes her a long time so that we 3 can keep working together! Sorry Rae! We work arms on Tuesdays and legs on Thursdays. So, about 2 weeks ago we had an extreme leg workout and I have to say that I could barely walk for about 5 days! I was sooooo sore! Don't really like that feeling too much but I did feel accomplished. After workouts I'll ask Mom and Rachel, "Are you sore here or here?" They usually are too!

I lost 20lbs before I started working out with Odis, and since Odis I have dropped about 3 more lbs, which is in about 3 weeks, but I feel like I am toning and building muscle. I will be tracking my weight loss on this blog to encourage me and others, but also to document my accomplishments.

So everyone be praying for all 3 of us!!! My previous post was about D-World and so James and I made a little wager... If and when I lose 50 lbs total...Disneyworld here we come! So, I have a lot of work to do, but I am almost half-way to Mickey Mouse!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Itching for The Mouse!

So, I am not sure if any of you have been to the "D World" lately, but I just love, love, love going to see Mickey and Minnie. I actually think I like going there more than my kids do! :-) Don't get me wrong though, they love it too!

But man, lately, I have been itching to go again! I know... we went in September and had a blast, but I just really want to go again! James told me to take a hike when I mentioned it to him, so I may just do that! I may hike to Orlando!!! Just Joking! But seriously, Disney is having some great offers right now!

I think I like it so much because it is so diverse. People of all ages, sizes, colors, cultures and even countries can enjoy the parks! Each park has something for everyone. As an adult, you just feel like a kid again and when I go with my kiddos I feel like it really gives us a chance to bond. Riding the rides with Jacob or seeing Mickey and watching the excitement on Jenna's face is sooooooo rewarding!!!

Well, anyway I just had to get that off my chest!!! Whew, I feel much better!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Celine Dion or Bust!!

James and I went to Vegas exactly 5 years and got to see Celine Dion perform at Cesar's Palace. She was amazing! James was not really excited about it all, he thought it would be a waste of our time...on the contrary! We both loved her!

5 years later...Celine was performing in Houston on Jan 9, 2009. My Dad bought my mom tickets for her birthday back in December and so I knew that they would be going and I wanted to go too. Well, I am a huge procrastinator and I couldn't decide if I wanted to fork over the money and go see her. I knew that if I passed up this chance, who knew when she would be back. So, on Tuesday night, I got on Craigs List, ebay and Woodlands Online and began searching for tickets to a sold-out concert. Well, none of the seats for sale were that great and I just really hated shelling out $400 on tickets.

I decided I would just check the Toyota Center website to see if they had any tickets left (just in case, you know) and they did. Dad and Mom had floor seats and I knew I wasn't going to pay that much for seats, so I settle on the lower level at Section 107, which is on the side of an oval shaped seating chart. Well, the closest I could get was Row 7 and so I thought, "Well, those should be pretty good, it is not real close but I think it should be good."

BOY WAS I RIGHT!!! Her stage was a square shaped stage with a walkway and a mini-circle stage coming off two sides of the main square. Guess what?!?!? We were about 10 feet from her as she performed!!! Our seats were amazing! I mean, literally, the people on the row right in front of us were shaking her hands and touching her! Granted, she didn't perform there the entire concert, but she did for many, many songs!!! I mean, we were up close and personal with her!

What a concert she put on! Once again, she did not disappoint me or James!!! Even he had a great time! I think this concert was definitely one for the books!!

Normally my procrastination bites me in the butt, but this time I was somehow rewarded for it!?!?!? Well, probably not...I think I just got extremely lucky!!! But, I prefer to call it "The favor of God!"

P.S. James & I are actually in a YOUTUBE video that someone took last night...Pretty cool I guess (in my Napoleon Dynamite voice!).

Monday, January 5, 2009


So the reason for me blogging is for historical purposes. I want to look back and read this and remind my kids of the crazy things they actually have done!

Yesterday morning, James & I were in our room getting ready for church and Jacob & Jenna were watching t.v. in the living room. I didn't think anything about it, they normally will watch cartoons before church anyway. So, after church, on the way to Outback, Jacob just blurts out, "Mom, while you were getting dressed this morning, I tried to buy you a spinning mascara brush so you can have beautiful eyelashes. I called the number on the commercial but it said you had to have a card number and you have to be 18, so I hung up really fast." I starting laughing and was like "Are you serious"? He said Yes he was and that you get 2 brushes and a mirror and he was going to give his Nana one of the 2 brushes. He is such a goofball! I think that is just so funny! The bad things was he was dead serious. He really thought he was doing a nice thing so that I would have beautiful eyelashes!

Today after school, James picked up the kids and Jenna's teacher told him the following story: today her class was learning about Judas and how he betrayed Jesus for an insignificant amount of money. She related it to it would be like them selling a sibling for maybe $15 or so. She went around the class and asked each student if they would sell their brother or sister for that little amount of money. Each student very seriously answered "No, I would never sell my brother," except who? Of course, Jenna! She quickly said, "Yes ma'm I would sell my brother!!!" Apparently we need family counseling or something!!!

Jenna also informed me it was very bad for little girls to smoke cigarettes because they will get fire in their mouth! (Hey, if that's what it takes to keep her away from them... ) :-)

I'm sure each of you Mom's out there have a million stories just like this! These stories and the fun part of being a parent! I can't wait to preserve stories like this for Jacob and Jenna to look back on!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So here I am...I have finally ventured into the Blogger World. I have to say, this is pretty fun. I hope that if nothing else, my kids can have a place to go one day and read all the things that we experienced on a daily basis. I have made a pact to myself that no matter what, I will not sugar coat my life! Yes, I have a great life...but, No, it is not perfect. I want people to see the "real" Day Family and not some fairytale family.

I can't even believe it is 2009. Where has time gone? Jacob is almost 8 years old, Jenna almost 6 and I just wish time would stand still for a while! Life gets so busy and you forget to embrace moments that you will never get back. It is so funny that when you have a baby, you want him or her to sit up, start crawling, start walking and once they do it is like you wish you could make them infants again so you can hold them, hug them, kiss them without them saying "Yuck Mom, that's embarassing"! Someone once said that "Variety is the Spice of Life", I say "Children are the Spice of Life!"

New Year's Resolution anyone? I usually always say that I am going to lose weight and I am not going to make it that this year! This year my resolution is to enjoy each day and to dig deeper in God and his word. I want people to know that I am a Christian without me telling them. I have really felt like God compelling me to let me life be my testimony and not my mouth.

I hope each of you have have a blessed, prosperous & safe 2009!