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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Muscles and Mayhem!

Wow...3 weeks since my last blog. Life is cruising by! We have been so busy. This is the time of year that the Day fam is on the go almost every night! Last week (Sun - Wed) we went to church every night watching the "John Jacob's Power Force" team. I was pleasantly surprised by them. Some people are skeptical of their ministry, which is understandable, but they just reach out to the unsaved like nobody's business.

We saw well over 500 salvations over the course of 4 nights...Men, Women, Children. Jacob has been raised in church his entire life, attends a christian school and still got saved...every night! Thinking it may have been for the free cookies though! Just joking! He loves Jesus with all of his heart!

Anyway, here are a few picts of the team:

The pict above is "Big Russ". He was known as the meanest prisoner in America at one time.
Wow, what a testimony.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weight Loss Update...

Well, here is the latest and greatest on my weight loss journey...

I am down 5 more lbs since this past Tuesday's weigh in.

That is a total weight loss of 33 lbs since October 16, 2008.

What a journey...
Here are a few before and after picts.
(I am a little disgusted to show you all how big I let myself get, but I am excited that I feel like I have taken control over this battle and I am not to my goal weight yet, but I see the finishline and little more clearly everyday!)

Pict taken in Sept '08

Pict taken Mar '08

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Little Legend!

This past weekend was the 1st tournament for Jacob since joining the Legend's Dragon Baseball team. We had a really fun weekend watching him play with his new team. He plays shortstop and does a heck of job at it. So fun watching him play at this level, it is so different from league ball.
The Dragon's placed 2nd in the Pre-Spring Classic in Katy. Here are a few pictures of my little Jacob in his new uniform.

Go Texan Day

This year the kids got to sport their cowboy/cowgirl duds at school. They looked pretty sweet too! Jacob is a kinda-sort-a-cowboy and Jenna is the real deal! They all looked so cute in the clothes.

And here they are...