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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In...

Alright, so I guess that Thursdays will be my "official" weigh-in day.

I weighed today and was down 3lbs since my last weigh in, which was almost 2 weeks ago.

This tells me 2 things:

1.) I am still moving in the right direction!

2.) I need to pick up the pace!!!

I WILL conquer my horrible eating habits! I WILL! Eventually! ;-)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recession? What Recession????

So, Odis (my trainer) has been on me for weeks to give him a list of everything I eat for a week so that he can check out my eating. Well, I already knew that I wasn't eating quite like I should, but I went ahead and sent him the list.

I thought he was going to kill me over my food choices, but to my surprise he only made 1 comment that cracked me up. He said, "Jen, how you be eatin at Kobe Steakhouse, we be in a recession!!!!" Too funny!

He did tell me that I wasn't eating too badly...just not enough throughout the day. And that is to blame for my plateau that I have been stuck at. Apparently my body is trying to hold on the every bit of food that enters it!

So, he also tells me he made a bet that he will have me looking hot in 3 months.
Um, let's hope for the best!!! Anyway, I am going to start weekly weigh-ins and blog my loss or gain to hold me more accountable. AND, I will try to stay away from steakhouses! :-0

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!


Today is my favorite boy's birthday! He is such an awesome and blessed kid!
Jacob, I love you and Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!
Love, Mom

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in Dallas

This past weekend we traveled to Dallas for a baseball tournament. The poor boys got their tails kicked, but we had fun anyway. We got to do several fun things. James, me & the kids left early friday morning and got there earlier than the team. We took that opportunity to take the kids(mainly Jenna) to see the Hannah Montana movie, again. I actually like the movie...it has several funny scenes. After the movie we went back to the hotel and the kids got to swim in the pool. By that afternoon the kids were starving so they chose for us to eat ot Olive Garden, which is nothing new or exciting. We eat at Olive Garden ALL the time! But, James and I conceeded and went anyway!

Jacob's first game was at 3:30 and we won, but we lost the next game at 7:00 and the Sunday morning game. The boys played decent, but not like they normally do. These picts are from the game.

After Jacob's last game saturday night, we went to watch his hitting coach play against the Frisco Roughriders in McKinney, Texas. Darrel Jones plays AA baseball for St. Louis Cardinals. It was really nice getting to watch the game and afterwards all of the boys went down and got his autograph and took pictures and just to to hang out with him for a few minutes. He was key in developing their hitting. I can definitely see a difference with him being gone. The boys had an awesome time!

We finished off our trip with a ride over to see Mr. Jimmy Stockton's property and horses. He has gorgeous horses. The kids loved feeding the horses the hay and petting them. Mr. Stockton has a very nice property and I just WISH he would sell it all and start over down here, so I could get Jenna a horse! Here are just a few of his 19 horses!!!

Dallas was such a fun get-a-way weekend and I enjoyed it so much! I was so glad that my parents, Rae and Chloe' joined us! We all had a fun time and I can't wait for the next one!!!


So, why is it instinct for most little kids to pick a bluebonnet? It is like their first reaction! It is illegal, isn't it? (or so my parents told me and my sis when we were little) I finally made the time to take Jen to get a few shots in the bluebonnets, but Jacob wouldn't join her. He is too big, he thinks! He is about to be 8 and he thinks he's too big for a lot of stuff! So, here are a few pictures:

Easter 2009

It's been a long time since bloggging...so much too say, so little time to say it! Boy, have we been busy lately. Easter was a nice day to relax and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Here are a few pictures of Easter Sunday: