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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Fave Mema turned 66...

Saturday we celebrated my Mema's 66th birthday at Babin's Seafood with my family. I love family time, but it just seems like we don't get together nearly enough anymore. I guess that's why it's so important to embrace any time that you do get. Here is my beautiful Mema:

And here are a few more picts of my beautiful family!

(M.I.A. were my Uncle and Bro-n-law)

Happy 25th to My Lil' Sister!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

I hope that your day is everything you wanted and more!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day 2009

This year for Father's Day, as usual, we attended church and had lunch with my Dad. After church, we went to eat at Hyden's, which was delicious. After lunch, we all went our seperate ways for a couple of hours and then met up again at the pool in my parent's neighborhood. Gotta love pools in this hot Texas heat!!! I got a few good pics of my fam on Father's Day, but didn't get any with my own Dad. I 'm not sure what I was thinking.

I am so thankful that my kids have a wonderful Dad that is very involved and vital in their lives. Here are a few pics from the day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh-in Update

Well, the weekly weigh-in thing is not working for me to well. I keep forgetting to post every Thursday. So I am just going to update monthly. Every month my trainer takes measurements and my weight, so I am just going to post on that day, which was actually yesterday.

Weight loss for May 16 - June 16 = 7 lbs
Total Weight Loss since Oct 16, 2008 = 45lbs

On another note, I opted out of Disneyworld this year. We just went in September and so I thought it might be a little overkill (for hubby).

So on Monday, I booked a 7 night cruise for me and hubby that leaves in September. This will be our first cruise and I am really excited about it! I told my trainer that he is going to have to really push me hard these next few months to help get me in tip top shape for the trip. His response was "No prob Jen, we gotta keep those beaches beautiful!" Now, I am really not sure how to take that response! But I guess I'm not going to take it too personal, we joke with each other a lot.

Have any of you been on a cruise? Do you have any tricks-of-the-trade that I should know? Fill me in with all your thoughts, suggestions and comments! PLEASE!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Girls Just Wanna...SHOP!

I had a fantastic evening yesterday and even better day today! I was flying solo yesterday and today because hubby and kids went camping overnight. I hate to sound selfish, but I absolutely HATE camping! I hate everything about camping! My idea of camping involves a hotel room!

So while they were away, I had the chance to go to dinner and a movie with my Mom, Sis, Aunt and friend Courtney last night. We met at La Madeleine's for dinner, our favorite place! We watched a movie last night called My Life In Ruins. I had not heard of it at all and my mom and sis were wanting to see it. So, I went in with no expectations, but I loved it! It was funny and a little romantic (who doesn't like romance, right?). If you are debating on if you should watch it, definitely go! It will be worth you while!

Today was all about the benjamins! We drove to Cypress this morning because there is a premium outlet mall we were wanting to visit. So we strolled through the stores and made a few purchases ;-) that I am excited about. Now, I know you will not understand this if you've never been overweight, but it is so exciting to be able to walk into a clothing store and buy in the "normal size" section! For many years after having kids, this was not the case for me. It was so disgusting and discouraging that in the prime of my life I was having to shop at plus size stores. Now, don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it if you are happy with yourself, but for me it was miserable. I always felt like I was always the fun, loving, happy Jen, but I just didn't recognize the body. I look at picts and think I know it's me, but it wasn't me, you know? I just felt trapped in a body that I hated. I wanted sooo bad to get fit and healthy, but there was a mental block or something. I just couldn't make it happen for me. I have not reached my goal yet, but it just seems so reachable now. I feel like, "Ok Jen, you lost almost 50 lbs, you are over half way there...just keep moving!" So anyway, after shopping we went to TGI Friday's for lunch and then to Wal Mart for a few things.

On the way home from Cypress, my Aunt tells us that she needs a pedi and we all headed to the nail shop. I just really indulged today, which is not something I feel like I typically do, but I know James will disagree! I opted for the Tropical foot massage and pedi and eyebrow threading. Holy cow was that nice! They put a mango scrub on your feet and up to your calves and then massage. After they rinse it off they put some hot lotion stuff on your legs and rub that in and apply HOT towels to your legs and feet. After that, the lady took the same lotion and put in on the black stones that were HOT and rub your legs and feet with the stones. It was amazing! Now I know what people mean when they say treat yourself to something other than food when you need a reward! Next was the pedicure. That is always nice. Am I the only one that LOVES the chairs!?!? I keep that puppy massaging my back the entire time I am sitting there.

On the way to the nail salon, I told Rachel that I need to get a wax to clean up my eyebrows and her and Mom said I should do threading, it lasts longer. OMG! Have any of you ever had that done? It was torture, and my brows weren't even that bad. I told my Mom that I think the military should use threading as a form of torture and punishment to terrorists!!! It feels ok when they are just threading the shorter hairs, but crap, when they grab a longer hair it is painful! I am not sure if I will do it again...but the 1 good thing about it was I didn't come out looking like a red tomato!

I think I am going to encourage the hubby and kiddos to go camping more often!!! ;-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

They just keep getting older!

Another school year has come and gone and my babies aren't babies anymore.

Jacob just completed 2nd grade and it still seems like just yesterday that I was rushed to the emergency room on a wednesday night because I was having contractions. Seriously, where DOES the time go? My Pastor made a statement the other day that almost brought me to tears. He said, "Realistically, you will only have your child living in your home for approximately 18-20 years." I looked at James and said, "Do you realize Jacob is already 8? We don't have that much more time left!" It was good to hear though, because it re-prioritized my time with him and makes me aware that I need to appreciate every moment I have with him. Boy, he just brings me joy that I never realized having a little boy would bring. I could not have asked for a better son. He is extremely smart, athletic, musically gifted and gorgeous!!! The picture below is him in his 4th wedding. He is a pro at weddings!

Jenna just graduated kindergarten. She is really smart and did excellent this year! She received an award in Physical Education, Spanish and Reading. Oh man, Jenna keeps me on my toes with her witty comments. She can make an adult feel so stupid with some of her comments. And it's not in a disrespectful way (for the most part...). She just informed me yesterday that she doesn't want to get older, she wants to stay little forever. I wish she could too! They grow up so fast. Jenna is such a homebody, she reminds me of myself so much. I rarely left home when I was young. I love Jenna's character, she plays with the girls and plays with all of the girly stuff, but yet with the boys, she can hang with the best of them! And she requested the other day that I throw away ALL of her clothes except that I keep ONE dress for her to wear everyday. I guess I still haven't developed the shopper in her yet. We will keep working on that!!! I can honestly say that everyday with Jenna is an adventure! I can't wait to see what God has in store for her life.