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Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I Learned This Week...

1) It is actually possible for a child to get kidnapped at Chuck E Cheese's!
A very sad reality indeed, but I don't think any security measure is better than you actually

watching your kids instead of them running around unsupervised. So much for the stamp and blaklight theory!
Here are a few picts from our trip to CEC on Monday.
Aren't they so sweet and innocent looking?!?!?!?
2) I'm Getting Older!
My knees have recently started hurting on a daily basis since I started working out. I am definitely not in high school anymore! I also have come to realize that I don't recover from soreness after workouts as quickly as I used to. Oh man, after a "legs" workout, it hurts to sit for 4-5 days. No Pain No Gain, Right?!?
3) I am Extremely Blessed!
I recently read over 100 prayer requests and realized that I am blessed beyond compare. My little annoyances in life are nothing compared to what people face on a daily basis. I read about deaths of spouses, children, parents, etc. I am so thankful that God has kept his hand over each one of my family members and friends! I am most thankful for my healthy kids. Lord, I thank you for keeping a hedge of protection around my kids each and every day!
4.) Viruses Spread Like Wildfire!
Yesterday, a little boy in Jenna's class vomited in the classroom during school and well....yep, Jenna started throwing up at 3:00am and went until about 11:00am. Her best friend, Jesse, who is also in her class also started doing the same thing at 2:30am. And those are just the kids I know if that were sick! Sometimes it seems like schools and daycares are breeding grounds for these kinds of things!
5.)It is Hard To Eat Healthy, for me anyway!
I have the hardest time making healthy food choices. I think it is because of a routine I have established over the past 10 years of eating whatever I wanted. It doesn't seem to be a challenge for some people (i.e. James!) but boy do I struggle. I know that this is something can CAN and WILL be accomplished with Jesus' help!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Valentine's Day Fun!

Today was definitely one for the books! This year on v-day, James and I celebrated with the kiddos. It was hands down, one of the best Valentine's Day I have ever had. No gifts, no fancy dinner, just family and lots of fun!

We started the day off by Jenna waking us up because she saw 2 gifts in the living room with her name and Jake's name and woke us up so she could open her's. She is our early bird...goes to bed early, wakes up early!

Next, we went to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop. What a funny movie! I was very pleased because it was pretty kid friendly and Jacob loved it. Jenna too, but she did get a little antsy! We all got popcorn and coke...don't tell my trainer :). The kids (and James) were all on their best behavior and the day went so smooth!

After the movie we went to Johnny Rockets. It is not my fave place to go, but it is loud, which means Jacob and Jenna can be loud! We just hung out and enjoyed the music. Jacob and Jenna were so surprised that I knew most of the songs they played, but I am a little old school! I remember my Mema and Mom listening to Diana Ross, Marvin Gay, Chubby Checkers, and the list could go on for days!!!!

After lunch we went home for a little bit to clean house and rest up for the final "event" of our v-day. We ended our day at our gym - Legends! So, so, so much fun up there tonight. It was pretty dead, so we had the turf field pretty much to ourselves. Jacob, James and I played catch for about an hour. Grounders, pop-ups and any other game you can make up with a ball and glove. Jenna put balls on a tee and hit baseballs for a while. She always kinda just does her own thing! She did shag balls for us when someone would make a lousy throw though!

After an hour or so, we bought good 'ole Gatorade and took a 10 minute break before we headed to the other side of the gym to the batting cages. Proud to say, "Yep, I've still got it!" Just joking! But really, I LOVE going to the batting cages. I tried my hand at baseball and softball. Softball was a breeze, but a baseball coming at me 65mph is a little (o.k., a lot!) un-nerving! I must say, I couldn't hack it...I bolted out of there and made James finish my round. Give me a big round softball and I am in my "element"! James is a show-off though. He goes into the very fast b-ball cage which is like 70mph and he walks out saying, "Man, that was too easy." So I say, "Yeah well, well... try the softball one, betcha can't hit those!!!" Yep, he can.

Jacob and Jenna had fun too! Jacob does pretty good and Jenna, well, atleast she tries! She is so funny! She is not scared of anything!!! She puts the helmet on, walks in the cage, and starts swinging away. She made contact a few times, which was fun to watch. I really hope one day she decides that she wants to play softball!

I wish I had the camera with me to take some picts, but oh well. We finished off the night by stopping in at my Mom and Dad's and got to visit with Chloe for a little bit.

Today I felt so blessed and thankful for my family. So many times it is easy to get caught up in the routine of life and not enjoy your blessings, but I am so happy that today was not one of those days! James, Jacob and Jenna are wonderful blessings from the Lord and I love each one of them so much! If they weren't asleep right now, I'd give them a big bear hug! Hope you all had a great day and felt the love!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 31st James!

Happy Birthday James!

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and you enjoyed your "special day". It probably wasn't the idea way to spend your day, but you did your Daddy duties and I know Jacob and Jenna appreciate that. Baseball, basketball and horses all in one day...oh my!

Just want you to know that I appreciate your non-stop working, fathering and being a hubby. I know I probably don't give you near enough thanks, but I am thankful that you have come into your own as a father, husband and a provider for our family. You never cease to amaze me with the talent and knowledge that God has given you!
You are loved!

Happy Belated Birthday, Aunt Tina!

We celebrated my Aunt's birthday on Feb. 3rd at Olive Garden this last week.

I hope Aunt Tina had a wonderful day and was showered with love and presents!!!

I love you Aunt Tina and am thankful for you!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 lbs down...

So, today was d-day...time to see how I did.

I was fairly pleased with my results. I mean, it wasn't a biggest loser type loss, but it was good.

I am down 5 lbs after 1 month of 2-a-week sessions with Odis. I lost almost 2 inches in my waist, so that was good.

I still have much more to go, but if I could lose 5lbs every month, I would be pleased!

Mom and Rachel did great too! Way to lose those inches ladies! Keep up the good work!